The 2nd Cultural DNA Workshop 2017

After the great success of the 1st Cultural DNA Workshop in 2015, I decided to organize a series of Cultural DNA Workshops in every two year. As I mentioned in the Preface of the 1st Cultural DNA Workshop, the term ‘cultural DNA’ came from the perspective of a meme, a socio-cultural analogy to a gene, trying to comprehend the concept of a meme from the various cultural aspects of design and the notion of a genetic algorithm.

Many people and organizations helped to make the 2nd cultural DNA workshop happen. First, I would like to thank the members of the program committee. Especially, I would like to acknowledge Jimin Rhim, one of my PhD students, as a main coordinator of this workshop. Secondly, I would like to thank Injung Lee, one of my researchers, for helping me with the paperworks needed to make this event happen. Additionally, I would like to thank Jongwook Lee, Ik-Hwan Kim, Aram Min and Taeha Yi, also my PhD students, for providing paper reviews to our program committee members. Second, I would like to thank the International Relations Team from KAIST and Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise (DIME) for funding. Without these supporters, organizing this workshop would not have been possible. Third, I want to show gratitude to the 16 speakers of this workshop all happy to travel overseas and share their work:
Andrzej Zarzycki from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), USA; Atanassios Economou from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; Bige Tuncer from Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore; Danilo Di Mascio from Northumbria University, United Kingdom; Deedee Aram Min from KAIST, Republic of Korea; Jimin Rhim from KAIST, Republic of Korea; Jin-Ho Park from Inha University, Republic of Korea; Jin-Kook Lee from Hanyang University, Republic of Korea; John Gero from University of North Carolina, USA; Jong-Jin Park from Jongjin Park Architect, epf/sia, Lausanne, Switzerland; Ju Hyun Lee from The University of Newcastle, Australia; Kyung Wook Seo from Northumbria University, United Kingdom; lestyn Jowers from The Open University, United Kingdom; Mathew Schwartz from New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA; Namwoo Kang from K-School, KAIST, Republic of Korea; Rob Woodbury from Simon Fraser University, Canada; Rudi Stouffs from National University of Singapore, Singapore; Terry Knight from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Yu-Hsiu Hung from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

I hope this workshop will let all participant get along with useful insights and provide an unforgettable valuable time.
January 2017  Ji-Hyun Lee

Program Committee of the 2nd Cultural DNA Workshop

Workshop Organizer: Ji-Hyun Lee
Program Committee: Jimin Rhim
Program Committee: Injung Lee
Program Committee: Jongwook Lee
Program Committee: Ik-Hwan Kim
Program Committee: Deedee Aram Min
Program Committee: Taeha Yi
Program Committee: Amartuvshin Narangerel