Date: Dec. 28, 2011~Jan. 5, 2012
Place: Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman

This thankful workshop led by Prof. Eissa of Sultan Qaboos University of Sultanate Oman (SQU) was held to continue our research on the topic of Cultural DNA by using the historical patterns from the ‘2009 VECSiD International Workshop held in KAIST, Korea. Prof. Lee and Sun-Joong Kim received an invitation from SQU to discuss our future research and communicate our previous researches. We made sure to continue our collaboration research again and decided on the direction of the research to reach the research goal. With kind guidance of Prof. Eissa and the researchers (Al-hasim, Al-danaqi, and Al-siyabi) we were able to experience many things, tangible and intangible. We Hope to see again and reach a satisfactory research conclusions together.