Attending CAADRIA 2018 Conference in China

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The 23rd International Conference on the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 2018) was held in Tsinghua University on May 17th – May 19th , China. Prof. Lee's former PhD students, Yu Wu and Xiaofang, who are Professor at Wuhan University of Technology, came to meet with Prof. Lee and had lunch together. [...]

Jiho Lee got Young CAADRIA award at CAADRIA 2016 Conference

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The  21st International Conference on the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 2016) was held in The University of Melbourne on March 30th - April 2nd, Australia. Professor Lee served as a session chair. Our master candidate Jiho Lee got Young CAADRIA award at CAADRIA 2016 Conference. Congratulations!

Attending the CAADRIA 2015

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Professor Lee served as a session chair. PhD candidate, Kyung-Hoon Hyun presented a  paper at the conference. Citation: Hyun, K.-H., Min, A., Kim, S.-J. & Lee, J.-H. (2015). Finding Relationships between Visitor Traffics around Major Attractions and the Surrounding Environments in Theme Parks. In Y. Ikeda, C. M. Herr, D. Holzer, S. Kaijima, M. J. Kim. M, [...]

HCI Korea 2015

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The HCI Korea 2015 conference was held at the Seoul Grand Hilton Hotel between December 10 and 12, 2014. Professor Lee served as a session chair. MS. candidates, Injung Lee and Yuri Choi presented papers at the conference. Citation: 이은립, 이인정, 최유리, 이지현, 원광연 (2014). 유아용 언어교구 디자인 HearTok- 사용자 경험 중심 디자인 방법론 적용 및 고찰. [...]

Attending the DEWS 2014

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This time the workshop provided an international forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of design engineering so as to facilitate sharing recent research results/trend among the participants about DESIGN from strategy to methods. Professor Lee served as a session chair. Ph.D. candidates, Sun-Joong Kim and Kyung Hoon Hyun presented papers at the conference. Citation: [...]

IASDR 2013 (Aug. 26-30, 2013)

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The 5th International Congress of International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR 2013) was held in Tokyo, Japan from August 26th to 30th. Professor Lee actively participated as a conference Doctoral Colloquium Adviser and as a Session Chair of "11D: Service Design". Our PhD candidates Sun-Joong Kim and Kyung-Hoon Hyun also attended the conference and Kyung-Hoon presented a paper. Citation: Hyun, K.-H., Kim, [...]

ICED ’13 (Aug. 19-22, 2013)

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The 19th International Conference on Engineering Design 2013 organized by the Design Society was held at the 600th Anniversary Building of SungKyunKwan University in Seoul, Korea. Professor Lee attended the conference as one of the members of the organizing committee and was a session chair for "S07: PSSD_D2 Service Design". As an outstanding conference in the field of engineering design, [...]

Attending the 17th CAADRIA Conference

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 (April 25~28, 2012, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai, India) Professor Lee and our former master's student, Jieun Park attended the 17th CAADRIA Conference held in Chennai, India and Jieun presented a paper, which received a Young CAADRIA Award. Congratulations!! Meanwhile, Professor Lee chaired a session, "Session 5A - Generative, parametric, and evolutionary design II". Citation: Park, J. & Lee, J.-H. (2012). A [...]

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