2nd International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration was held in Hilton San Diego Bayfront California, USA on February 7th – 10th, 2019.

Our MS student, Meereh Kim, and PhD student, Taeha Yi and Mi Chang presented the posters at the conference.

Meereh had a poster under the title of “HERITOUCH: A 3D-printed audio-tactile cultural heritage for the visually impaired”. (Meereh Kim, Po Yan Lai, Kwandong Kim, Dongseok Yang, and Jaehong Ahn*)

Taeha had his research under the title of “The process of visitor studies in art museum tracking the behavior of museum visitors”. (Taeha Yi, Ji-Hyun Lee*)

Mi presented the poster under the title of “Interaction model analysis for single-person household in South Korea using persona-based scenario method”. (Mi Chang, Ken Nah*)

* : Corresponding Author