The 24th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA) 2019 was held in Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand from 15th to 18th April 2019. Three papers from the Information-Based Design (IBD) Lab were accepted to the conference. One of them has earned Professor Ji-Hyun Lee the Sasada Prize for her continuous contributions to the research field.

The Sasada Prize is an award made biannually to honor Professor Tsuyoshi Sasada (1941-2005), the co-founder and fellow of CAADRIA. The awardee of Sasada Prize is appreciated of his or her sustained record of contributions, which demonstrates significant impact on computer aided design research. Although Professor Lee was unable to attend the conference in person, the Prize showed that her continued efforts on CBR researches over the past 20 years were acknowledged by the CAAD community.

Master students Minkyu Choi, Po Yan Lai, Urvashi Dwivedi and researcher Valentin Porcellini attended the conference to present their studies respectively. Choi, Lai and Porcellini presented the paper titled “Land Price Prediction System using Case-Based Reasoning”, “Framework of Judgement System for Smart Home Assistant utilizing Collective Intelligence Case-Based Reasoning” and “ Computing Spatial Features to Allocate Collision-free Motion-Paths for Tele-presence Avatars” respectively.

Choi, together with the PhD candidate Taeha Yi and master student Meereh Kim, had worked on a prediction model of apartment price of Korea. Their prediction model is constructed based on a dataset of national scale and utilized the case-based reasoning (CBR) methodology. This study was recognized by the Sasada Prize selection committee, who awarded Professor Lee as the winner of this year.