We held a design conference with KiDRS (Korea Institute of Design Research Society) at GSCT, KAIST N25 #3239. It was held during 2 days (June 22~23) and 6 countries participated in this conference; British, China, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, and USA. KiDRS is nonprofit academic organization to communicate with all kinds of design field based on the design research, such as engineering, cultural contents, Humanities, and etc.


The title of conference was ‘Design & the 4th Industry.’ The purpose is to introduce the trends of developing culture, integrating knowledge related to the 4th Industry. In the opening ceremony, Chairman Joh Eunran attended and talked about the direction of Korean design research.

If you want more information of the conference, visit this link (KiDRS official site: http://www.d-research.or.kr/wi_bbs/wi_event.php?bbs_arr=2).