(October 16~26, 2011, NCKU Tainan, International Congress Center Taipei, Taiwan)

In this year, the NCKU’s annual workshop, Young Designers Workshop, was specially held with 2011 International Design Alliance Congress Taipei from October 16th to October 20th, 2011 in Tainan. After this workshop, all participants traveled to Taipei to attend the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei.

Through this glorious opportunity, we had an unforgettable experience with kind Taiwan students and faculties. During the workshop, four of our lab students (Sun Bowen, Wu Yu, Yoon-Hyun Kim, and Sun-Joong Kim) led their own team projects in four different teams.

Following the theme (Smart Living Space), the first team designed a physical social-network interface, the second team designed a mechanical bed interface for babies, the third team designed a ‘social-like’ pillow for lonely travelers, and the last team designed a mechanism for future translator in the form of a microphone for international meetings.