The 29th eCAADe Conference: Respecting Fragile Places

Our Master’s candidate, Yoon-Hyun Kim and Professor Ji-Hyun Lee attended the 29th eCAADe Conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and on September 21st, Yoon-Hyun presented our paper.

Citation: Kim, Y.-H., Park, S.-J., Park, J., Kim, S.-J., & Lee, J.-H. (2011). Home suggestion service in real estate searching system: Using ontology and case-based reasoning. In T.S. Zupancic, M. Juvancic, S. Verovsek, & Anja Jutraz (Eds.), Respecting Fragile Places: 29th eCAADe Conference Proceedings, 21-24 September 2011, Ljubljana (pp. 605-614). Ljubljana, Slovenia: Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana.