2011 Farewell Party

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Date: Dec. 23, 2011 Place: Solviva, Daejeon, Korea What a happy day!~ With all Descartesians, we organized a celebration party to wrap-up the 2011 and to welcome the new year. Everyone wished for everything to go well and welcomed our new lab member (Baby Zinxiao). We thank Maggie for this idea. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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’11 KCICI Conference

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Professor Lee and the students (Sun-Joong Kim, Fatty Hu, and Maggie Su) attended the '2011 KCICI Conference' held in Phoenix Park, Peongchang on Nov. 24-25, 2011, to communicate with the people at the conference and to present a paper. We fully enjoyed the wonderful scenery and nice sports facilities. Our master's student - Sun-Joong KIM - received an excellent paper award. The [...]

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2011 대한민국 인디게임 및 게임 아이디어 공모전 아이디어 부문 금상 수상

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작품명: LEGO 팀명: 카이루덴스 팀원: 김윤현, 김지현, 박윤정, 염지호 한국 게임개발자 협회가 주관하는 2011 대한민국 인디게임 및 게임 아이디어 공모전 게임 아이디어 부문에서 우리 랩 석사과정 김윤현 군이 포함된 GSCT 학생들, 팀명 카이루덴스, 작품명 LEGO가 금상을 수상하여 한국콘텐츠진흥원장 상을 수상하였습니다. 축하합니다!!! FIRST PRIZE AT THE 2011 IDEA COMPETITION FOR INDIE GAME AND GAME OF KOREA Idea Name: LEGO Team Name: KAIRUDENSE [...]

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Young Designers Workshop and IDA Congress Taipei

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(October 16~26, 2011, NCKU Tainan, International Congress Center Taipei, Taiwan) In this year, the NCKU's annual workshop, Young Designers Workshop, was specially held with 2011 International Design Alliance Congress Taipei from October 16th to October 20th, 2011 in Tainan. After this workshop, all participants traveled to Taipei to attend the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei. Through this glorious opportunity, we had [...]

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Attending the 29th eCAADe Conference

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The 29th eCAADe Conference: Respecting Fragile Places Our Master's candidate, Yoon-Hyun Kim and Professor Ji-Hyun Lee attended the 29th eCAADe Conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and on September 21st, Yoon-Hyun presented our paper. Citation: Kim, Y.-H., Park, S.-J., Park, J., Kim, S.-J., & Lee, J.-H. (2011). Home suggestion service in real estate searching system: Using ontology and case-based reasoning. In T.S. Zupancic, M. Juvancic, [...]

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Attending the 2011 BION Conference

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Our Master's candidate, Sun-joong Kim presented a poster at the International Bionic Engineering Conference 2011 held in Boston. Citation: Kim, S.-J., Kim, M.-K., Lee, W.-J., & Lee, J.-H. (2011). Parametric Modeling and Biological Model Analysis to Support a Biomimetic Approach in High-Speed Train Design. Poster presented at the International Bionic Engineering Conference 2011, 18-20 September 2011, Boston, USA.  

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Samsung Green Tomorrow

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Visiting Samsung Green Tomorrow Showcase House (August 24, 2011, Samsung C & T Green Tomorrow, Yongin, Korea) 'Green Tomorrow' is a zero-carbon house developed by Samsung C & T as a showcase of sustainable design for South Korea. Using advanced technologies of sustainable energy and housing construction, this showcase house reduces 56% of energy consumption. Concisely, this showcase house dreams to [...]

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Zero-Energy House of KICT

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Visiting Zero-Energy House of Korea Institute of Construction Technology (August 10th, 2011, KICT Zero-Energy House, Ilsan, Korea) Zero-Energy House of KICT developed by Korea Institute of Construction Technology is a showcase for the realization of sustainable housing concept. Dr. Kim (Soo-Am Kim) tried to realize this sustainable concept in real housing-unit to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Along [...]

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International Collaboration (Taiwan)

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Research to Understand City Modernization (July 19~24, 2011 NCKU Tainan, NYUST Yunlin, Taipei, Taiwan) In the beginning of 20th century, Korea and Taiwan have endured the modernization process under the common cultural background of Japanese Empire. Although the urban modernization in both countries had been initiated by their own will, the colonial rulers of Japanese Empire completed the urban modernization under the imperialism. In [...]

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