The  33rd International Conference on Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe 2015) was held in TU Wien on September 16th – 18th, 2015, Austria.

PhD candidate, Kim, Sun-Joong presented a paper at the conference.

Citation: Kim, S.-J., Choi, Y. & Lee, J.H. (2015). Architectural Bioinspired Design: Functional Assessment of Design Terminologies to Support a Biological System Search, In B. Martens, G. Wurzer, T. Grasl, WE Lorenz and R. Schaffranek (Eds.), Real Time: the 33rd eCAADe Conference Proceedings, Vol. 2, 16-18 September 2015, Vienna (pp. 467-476). Vienna: eCAADe and Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, TU Wien.