ISEA2016 was held at 16 to 22 May 2016 in beautiful city Hong Kong.

In our lab,  Professor Lee and Master students, Seungeun An and Juyoung Lee attended. This year’s topic was “Cultural Re>evolution”, and there were lots of interesting works and papers.

Juyoung and Seungeun presented “Playlight”. It was about a motion interactive lighting which enriches music experience. People were interested in our topic and we could get impressive feedback on it.

Also, our Professor Lee was presenting about bidding ISEA 2019 to Gwangju, Korea. It was an attractive presentation, I think others should be fallen in love with Korea. One more thing is that our Professor wore Korean traditional cloth, Han-bok!

Finally, ISEA2019 is decided to be held in Korea! Congratulations!!!